For the first time of the modern history of the international photographic competition ŽENA WOMAN STRAKONICE the best photographies will be exhibited also outside of the Strakonice city.

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     The ŽENA WOMAN STRAKONICE Vernissage and Exhibition will take place simultaneously with the selected photos of the zero volume of CZECH NATURE PHOTO. Exhibitions start in Prague on 16th of August 2017 in CPC located in Nové Butovice.


      Another exhibition will take place in the new prestigious gallery Czech Photo Centre ( in Nové Butovice, where the best photographies of the 15th volume of the international photographic competition ŽENA WOMAN STRAKONICE 2015 will be displayed. The Exhibition Vernissage will take place on Tuesday 15th of August 2017, and the exhibition will be open to public from 16th of August until 3rd of September 2017, from Tuesday to Friday always from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM, on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  Admission fee is 50 CZK.



      Both the exhibition and the Vernissage will take place at the same time as the Exhibition and the Vernissage of the awarded and selected photographies of the zero volume of CZECH NATURE PHOTO. More information about this competition here:




About the international photographic competition ŽENA WOMAN STRAKONICE:


     The first volume of the competition took place already in 1970. The event was arranged by photographers of the Photo Association belonging to the Factory Association ČZ Strakonice, besides František Zemen we may name for example Josef Šimeček or Jaroslav Rejžek who were instrumental for the establishment. The following volumes were mostly held every other year. In 1970, in total 84 photographers from Czechoslovakia submitted their pictures. Five years later over a thousand of authors from 31 countries participated in the competition. In 1970 and 1972 the best photographies were exhibited only in Strakonice. Great and growing success of the international competition was also helped by the fact that the exposition of the best photos gradually spread to other towns of Czechoslovakia. After the November change of regime this international competition was terminated in 1992.


     In 2011 the City Cultural Centre lead by Eva Dresslerová and supported by the city of Strakonice represented by the then Deputy Mayor, Ivana Říhová,  picked up the threads of the long-standing tradition and restored the International Photographic Biennial event under the new name ŽENA WOMAN STRAKONICE. In 2015, after changes in the city administration, Petr Strbačka took over organization of the competition with continuous support of the City Cultural Centre lead by František Christelbauer and Břetislav Hrdlička, Strakonice Mayor. Also the founder of the competition, nowadays 84 years old František Zemen, takes active role in organizing the competition. International photographic associations such as FIAP, PSA, IAAP and national photographic association ČFFU took over patronage over the competition.


History of the competition in numbers:


  1. 1970 volume     366 photographies from 84 authors from Czechoslovakia

Exhibition: 95 photographies – Strakonice

  1. 1971 volume     314 photographies from 80 authors from Czechoslovakia

Exhibition: 66 photographies – Strakonice

  1. 1973 volume     1,047 photographies from 328 authors from 8 countries

Exhibition: 100 photographies – Strakonice, Vodňany

  1. 1975 volume     3,126 photographies and 647 diapositives from 1,061 authors from 31 countries

Exhibition: 211 photographies and 38 diapositives –Strakonice, Vodňany

  1. 1977 volume     2,180 photographies from 609 authors from 27 countries

Exhibition: 242 photographies – Strakonice, Blatná, České Budějovice, Most, Soběslav, Povážská Bystrica, Prague

  1. 1979 volume     1934 photographies from 581 authors from 22 countries

Exhibition: 189 photographies – Strakonice, Mariánské Lázně, České Budějovice, Plzeň, Povážská Bystrica, Brno, Prague

  1. 1981 volume     1,986 photographies from 635 authors from 26 countries

Exhibition: 194 photographies – Strakonice, České Budějovice, Kroměříž, Povážská Bystrica, Plzeň, Prague

  1. 1983 volume     2,040 photographies from 604 authors from 24 countries

Exhibition: 226 photographies – Strakonice, Rychnov nad Kněžnou, Plzeň, České Budějovice, Kroměříž, Povážská Bystrica, Brno, Prague

  1. 1986 volume     2,328 photographies from 706 authors from 24 countries

Exhibition: 240 photographies – Strakonice, Rychnov nad Kněžnou, Sezimovo Ústí, Plzeň, Povážská Bystrica, České Budějovice, Brno, Prague

  1. 1988 volume     2,252 photographies from 678 authors from 19 countries

Exhibition: 215 photographies – Strakonice, Plzeň, Povážská Bystrica, Most, Sokolov, České Budějovice, Olomouc, Prague

  1. 1990 volume     1,415 photographies from 442 authors from 21 countries

Exhibition: 154 photographies – Strakonice, Povážská Bystrica,  České Budějovice, Sokolov, Prague

  1. 1992 volume     607 photographies from 143 authors from 21 countries

Exhibition: Strakonice


Statistics of the modern history of the competition after its reopening in 2011


  1. 2011 volume     1,534 photographies from 308 authors from 52 countries

Exhibition: Strakonice

  1. 2013 volume     2,578 photographies from 342 authors from 46 countries

Exhibition: Strakonice

  1. 2015 volume     2,528 photographies from 220 authors from 47 countries

Exhibition: Strakonice, Prague

  1. 2017 volume     Deadline 30th of October 2017


Including the 15th volume that took place in 2015 in total 26 235 competition photographies and 647 diapositives have been accepted, which were presented to the public at 60 exhibitions in 17 towns in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The exhibition in CPC will thus be already the 61st in history!