Dorota Kycia was born in Milanówek, Poland on 26th of February 1962. She graduated from the ZPAF College (Association of Photographers of Polish Art), Warsaw in 2005 and in 2007, she graduated also from the Warsaw Academy of Photography. This well-known photographer and artist regularly sits on the juries of both national and international challenges, such as Radom 2011, Pistoya Wlochy 2012 (FIAP 2012/016), VTNO Austria 2012. She represented Polish photo clubs in FIAP congresses in Singapur (2012), Paris (2013) and Turkey (2014). She has been awarded 29 prizes in international competitions so far. She has also participated in 22 exhibitions in Poland and 68 worldwide. In her photographies, she focuses on nature, and she also works as the FIAP commissioned officer. Dorota actively publishes in photographic and expert magazines. You may find more information about her at the following website: http://www.dorotakycia.art.pl/