16. International Photographic Biennale WOMAN STRAKONICE 2017



FOTOTRADE s.r.o. -



Town of Strakonice -

Municipal Cultural Centre of Strakonice -

International Federation of Art Photography (FIAP) - No. 2017/XX -
Photographic Society of America (PSA) - No. 2017/XXX -
International Association of Art Photographers (IAAP) - No. 2017/XX -
Czech Federation of Art Photography (ČFFU) - No. 2017/XXX -


Schedule of dates:

Deadline: 30. 10. 2017

Session of the jury: 3. – 5. 11. 2017

Announcement of results: 11. 11. 2017

Exhibition: 3. 12. 2017 – 30. 1. 2018

Sending of catalogues: March 2018



From 3. 12. 2017 until 30. 1. 2018 Maltese Hall and Hall at Kata of the Castle of Strakonice


Vernissage and prizes award:

3. 12. 2017 at 2.00 pm Castle of Strakonice - Knights Hall



Woman (portrait, nude, document...)








Photographers from any part of the world may join in this competition provided that they forward to us at the most 4 photos in one or more category / categories. The photos must be sent in digital form (scanned from a film, or made by a digital camera, and have to be in the format JPEG in 300 dpi, the longer side having at least 2500 pix.

The photos accepted by the jury will be printed out for the exhibition, at the organizers cost, in a format of about 30 x 45 cm and will remain ownership of the organizer.


The name of the file must be composed as follows: the first 1 to 3 letters being the country code_4 letters of the surname + 3 letters of the first name_category code +the ordinal number of the photo.

(for example.: CZE_StrbPet_B01)



The photos can be sent: through the web site


Main Awards:

GRAN PRIX of the Town of Strakonice and 200 euro and FIAP BEST AUTHOR (pin)

FIAP Gold + 200 euro, Silver and Bronze medal + 6 FIAP ribbons for each section

4 PSA Gold Medal and 12 PSA Ribbons for all categories,

IAAP 4 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze medal + 6 IAAP ribbons for all categories,

ČFFU Gold, Silver and Bronze medal for each section



Garik Avanesian MFIAP (CZ)
Andrii Yurlov EFIAP (SK)
Jozef Danyi EFIAP (CZ)


Admittance fee:

The admittance fee amounts to EUR 20,- for one category + EUR 5,- for each additional category.


           Variable symbol for payments:

             a) For participants remitting their payments through the websites, the variable symbol will         

               automatically generated when sending the photos.

            b) For participants forwarding the photos by means of CD or DVD carriers, the variable

                symbol is: 20072013. Please mention your name and surname in the reference field.




IMPORTANT NOTICE: Photos forwarded to us without admittance fee will not be put on the competition, and no catalogue will be sent to the authors in such a case.

The fees as well as the photos have to reach the organizer on or before October 30, 2017.

Please send the photos by a sufficient margin of time. Should the pictures arrive after the deadline date, the organizer reserves the right to use them in the next biennial competition. 



General Terms:

By forwarding to us his/her works, the participant expresses his/her consent to the terms and conditions as stipulated by the organizer. The participant has to be the copyright owner of the photos forwarded to us, and he/she agrees that the photos can be published in connection with the exhibition. However, the photos will not be used for commercial purposes.

Each registered participant having sent at least 4 photos and paid the admittance fee will receive a catalogue of the competition.